Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Wearing (and Growing) of the Green

I enjoy St. Patrick's Day - the music, the food (I will happily seize any opportunity to eat lots of potatoes), the feeling of camaraderie with those who share ancestry common to (some of) mine; all are worth enjoying.

But my favorite part of this holiday is a concept that is beautifully simple, and yet so full of meaning:
The color green.

I happen to like green; I simply think it's pretty. But my affection for the profusion of green that accompanies St. Patrick's Day is much deeper than the appeal of a pleasing color, and broader than its association with Irish heritage. Green has lots of other connotations. Green means growth, life, a healthy earth. So I consider it perfect timing that St. Patrick's Day comes in the spring, when the appearance of new leaves and green grass are so eagerly anticipated.

With that in mind, it seems wonderfully fitting that I spent a large portion of my St. Patrick's Day this year planting flower beds and working in my vegetable garden. I often find myself too busy for gardening, but it is a hobby I very much enjoy, and it was lovely to set aside time this weekend to spend working outdoors with my husband and our little girl... Well, I say "working." My eighteen-month-old daughter was poking sticks in the dirt and making a mess of her clothes. I was doing very much the same, and having just as much fun. So it's surely wrong to call it work.

By the end of the day, I had put enough plants and seeds in the ground that a few weeks' time should see lots more green sprouting around our home. And that is definitely a good thing.

Yes, I wore green today. And I'm looking forward to seeing my gardens wearing their green soon, too!

Thanks for reading. Here's a little green to make your eyes smile:

mossy trees, moss covered tree, foggy forest, misty forest, moss tree roots, green tree root, mossy trees painting, forest landscape art
"Mossy Trees"- Acrylic on Canvas - © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2012
(Original sold, prints available on Fine Art America - click image for link)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello, Springtime!

We've had lovely spring weather here in North Carolina, lately, and everywhere I look on Etsy I see items that speak beautifully of  a season I always love for its sense of growth and renewal. I put together the treasury below to highlight some of the wonderful springtime pretties Etsy has to offer. Hope you like it!

etsy treasury, etsy finds, springtime gift ideas, etsy gift ideas, spring treasury list, pastel pink gifts, handmade gifts
"Glimmers of Spring" - an Etsy Treasury by Anna Bronwyn Foley