Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just for Fun!

I spent a few minutes playing with an iPhone app that is meant for small children, today. My little girl enjoys this doodling program, but she had lost interest. When she toddled off to play with some other toy, I was left with an iPhone and an electronic "blank canvas" in hand.

What to do...?

What, indeed! I did this:

iphone doodle, iphone drawing, iphone tree drawing, iphone doodling
I had fun with this doodle. I'll get back to the paints and brushes soon, but sometimes, we all need a little playtime!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Envisioning Springtime

It feels like spring, here in North Carolina, but I know that many places are still in the midst of winter. I created this treasury of beautiful Etsy finds for those who could use a little escape from the cold and snow - if only a mental one.
Enjoy, and be sure to pay a visit to these wonderful shops to see the other wonders they have to offer!
etsy treasury, handmade, art, nature art, nature home decor, woodland etsy items, forest treasury, spring gifts, spring fantasy art
"A Fantasy of Springtime" - an Etsy Treasury by Anna Bronwyn Foley