Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reflecting Tranquility

I love painting reflections in water. There is something so very peaceful about the ability of calm water to reflect with glassy clarity. I just completed the painting below, of a few fair-weather clouds in a blue sky over a calm sea. It was a delightfully relaxing meditation to create this piece, and it makes me want to do many, many more calm seascapes - just so I can experience the feeling of painting them!

Wishing you happiness and peace:

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"Clouds over a Calm Sea"- Acrylic on Canvas - © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some Soft Sunday Finds

My latest Etsy treasury is a collection of some lovely finds in contrasting hues of cool grey and warm pink. Hope you like it!

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"Rainy Day Romance"

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Exhibit News!

I'm very excited to be participating in the National Arts Program exhibit this month at Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center! I have two paintings entered, including the one pictured here:

misty forest, forest painting, misty trees painting, tree fine art, forest fine art, grey forest, foggy landscape painting, fog landscape acrylic art, original acrylic painting, forest landscape painting
"Young Tree in an Old Forest" - Acrylic on Canvas - © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2012

This annual exhibit showcases the work of local artists, and is open to the public. Exhibit dates are January 27 - February 22. For more information, check out the NAP website at

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Big Piece of Peace

I have been intending for awhile to create some large paintings and recently got up my gumption to order some 24" X 30" canvases. And, yes, it did take some gumption. I'm always a little nervous starting a large painting - there's something a little bit daunting about tackling that big expanse of white canvas. I'm so glad I took on the challenge, though, because once I get started, it's a lot of fun!

Painting on a larger scale offers a wonderful opportunity to create drama, make a statement, or - my favorite possibility - to create a visual sanctuary, filled with calming colors and soothing scenery.

Here is the first of my new large paintings. I hope this one brings you a breath of cool, quiet air:

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"Stream in a Foggy Forest"- Acrylic on Canvas - © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2013

This piece was a delight to paint, and I'm looking forward to adding some more large paintings soon!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Starting the Day Right

Nothing I like better than starting the day with an Etsy front page feature for one of my paintings! This morning, my illustration of brown beech leaves was lucky enough to be included. Here is a screen capture:

etsy treasury, etsy front page, handmade, art, crafts, etsy
Etsy Front Page: From "Just Right!" by Nikki of Wise Apple

Many thanks to Nikki of Wise Apple for including my beech leaves painting in this lovely, eye-catching treasury! Check out Wise Apple Vintage for some awesome vintage finds at

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Patience is a Virtue, Possess it if You Can...

I recently began offering paintings at auction on eBay for the first time. So far, it's a lot of fun, and it's always exciting to enter a new marketplace.

Selling at auction is such a different experience from my usual practice of listing for sale through sites like Etsy. There's something much more imminent about a timed auction - even if it's a week long. I catch myself checking on my lots every five minutes, just to see how much time is left!

I'm not an especially patient person by nature. So, aside from offering a new facet to my fine art business, I guess eBay auctions are also a good meditative practice for me.


green grass painting, grass art, close up art, nature art, dewdrops painting, water droplet painting, nature close up painting, grass and dew, grass fine art, green home decor art
"Dewdrops on Grass"- Acrylic on Canvas - © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2012

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Come to the Beach with Me!

Okay, it's January. So for most of us, it's not exactly beach season. And I live roughly four hours from the coast. But, gosh darnit, what I really want is to spend a lazy summer afternoon sitting on the beach, watching the waves.

So I've been painting the sea over and over again, lately, and I thought I'd share a few of my new pieces here (just in case you're feeling the same):

ocean art, seascape painting, sea art, blue ocean fine art, ocean acrylic painting, blue sky
"Calm Seashore" - Acrylic on Canvas - © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2013
stormy sea, ocean painting, ocean waves, seascape, cloudy sky seascape, ocean acrylic painting, ocean storm, rough seas painting, choppy seas
"Rough Seas" - Acrylic on Canvas - © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2013
blue ocean wave, blue wave art, wave painting, breaker art, crashing wave art, blue sea acrylic painting
"Blue Wave" - Acrylic on Canvas - © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2013
stormy sea painting, grey sea fine art, gray seascape, cloudy seascape, choppy sea painting, sea, clouds, ocean
"Sea on a Grey Day" - Acrylic on Canvas - © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2012
blue sky seascape, blue ocean, calm sea painting, calm ocean fine art, calm seas painting
"Sea Under Fair Skies" - Acrylic on Canvas - © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2012
So, there you go. A little mini-vacation to the seaside. Hope you saw something you liked, and thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Art for Endangered Places

Today I wanted to share some thoughts from a recent discussion I had with a collector, because her words touched me deeply, and I felt the idea deserved repeating.

The collector reached out with some kind words about one of my paintings. She shared the connection she felt to the piece (a landscape), and stated at the close of her message that she felt art would help "save our endangered places." Her message gave me pause. I read it over two or three times, because she had so succinctly stated an idea that had been in my heart for ages, but one that I had never thought to put into words. I love nature. I love being in nature, and I enjoy painting it. The natural world is beautiful, and stirring, and awe-inspiring.

But I do not paint images from nature simply because they are pretty to look at. I care passionately about the importance of wild places, and about preserving the environment, and it is that devotion - much more than simple aesthetic appreciation - which inspires my artwork.

The arts have a kind of power posessed by no other human endeavor. A painting or a photograph has the ability to preserve an image, while also preserving the emotional experience of that image, and sharing that emotion between artist and viewer. And that perpetuation of the feeling of nature is critical to its protection. If our society feels no connection to natural places, we will have no reason to care about their importance, and no inclination to take the steps necessary to save them.

This idea was already in my subconscious, but I have painted images from nature for years without thinking to articulate it. Now that it has been articulated to me, I feel an even greater sense of responsibility as an artist; a greater sense of the impact my work can have in the world, and an even greater awe that brushstrokes from my hand can connect my deepest, most heartfelt sentiments with those of a stranger.

It is a truly wonderful feeling to begin the new year with such a rousing epiphany. May your year, too, be filled with moments of joy, discovery, and enlightenment!

maine landscape, water photograph, mountains photograph, maine coast, environment, nature, nature art, preserving nature, protecting nature
 © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2005