Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming Home to Autumn

The summers are long here in North Carolina. It's the price we pay for being able to let our snow shovels sit, untouched, in the garage most of the winter. And while I'm grateful for those mild winters, the summer does wear on a bit. By about July I'm tired of the heat and humidity, and begin to long for autumn.

Real autumn.

Autumn with frosty mornings, and a bite in the air that lasts well past noontime. Autumn with crisp, brown grass, vivid foliage, and sky so blue it almost hurts your eyes.
Autumn in New England.

On a trip to my old stomping grounds in Maine, this July, I snapped some photos of the blueberry fields that flank the rural roads near my childhood home:

maine landscape, maine blueberry field photograph, blueberry barren, maine photograph
© Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2012

They're pretty in midsummer, but I was thinking, as I held the camera up to the car window, of the brilliant crimson color that would blanket the fields in a few months' time. Of cold nights and cool mornings. Of the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg, and the fresh flavor of home-grown butternut squash. I was in a weird little time warp - looking forward a few months and backward many years, to the ridiculously archetypal autumn days of my youth.

The feeling didn't go away, when we came home from our trip. It was in the nineties outdoors, but my mind was fixed firmly in a fall day in Maine. And it looked like this:

maine landscape painting, maine landscape art, new england landscape painting, autumn nature art, autumn blueberry field, red blueberry barrens, new england art, maine nature art
"Blueberry Barrens in Autumn" - Acrylic on Canvas - © Anna Bronwyn Foley, 2012

A blueberry field in fall is a pretty picture. To me, though, it is much more than that. It is love, peace, sanctuary, and belonging.

It is home.

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  1. It is home. It's funny, too, because I basically think of Massachusetts as home, now. Even so, whenever I see those views of a big sky over low, rounded hills -- stone-studded fields in the foreground and trees and lakes in the background -- my heart stops and my only thought is, "home!"